Fuzzy Logic Ensemble is the first Irish improvising ensemble in a long time, to be curated by a composer rather than one of the groups performers. The group is made up of some of my favourite Irish musicians; all of whom have my greatest respect for their endless talent, creativity and individual voice. 

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"Fuzzy Logic now rate among the most daring and original musical ensembles working in Ireland today" - Cormac Larkin (The Irish Times)

Sue Rynhart - voice  Nick Roth - saxophones  Izumi Kimura - piano  
Derek Whyte - bass  Matthew Jacobson - drums  Dylan Rynhart - composition

The music performed by this group, is virtuosic, innovative and full of energy. It is said that the best jazz music is a conversation between its members, a musical discussion. FLE pushes this metaphor closer to reality then ever before, in that the material deals in part, with music inspired by speech melody. Over the last few years I have been developing techniques to use speech melodies and rhythms in my compositions and this group is the logical pinnacle of that exploration. This is a monster group with a lot to say

"Inspired execution and inventive soloing" - Kevin Stevens (The Journal of Music)


Mouthpiece Album Cover, Dylan Rynhart & Fuzzy Logic Ensemble
Dylan Rynhart and Fuzzy Logic Ensemble, Featuring: Florian Ross and Tom Arthurs
  1. Mouthpiece
  2. Flip Shuffle
  3. Order Later
  4. The Difference between Light and Hard
  5. Dusty Time
  6. There is so much to Smile about
  7. pliARS
  8. Spin Cycle
  9. Bonus Track

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